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Meet the Ascension Nxt Team

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Ashley V.
Owner of Ascension Nxt

Ashley is here to shake and awaken the world. She embodies unapologetic truth and integrity in her work. If you are serious about learning about your intuitive abilities and inner strength, Ashley is the one to work with. If you want to play spiritual and be force fed spiritual fluff, Ashley may not be the one for you. Everything Ashley teaches and facilitates is next level, and is designed to help with serious growth, changes, acceleration, and expansion in all areas of life.


Ashley is the proud owner and creator of Ascension Nxt (going on 6 years May of 2020), a beautiful facility that holds workshops, classes, events and produces Magickal tools for your metaphysical practice and needs. She is certified in over 8 Metaphysical practices, is an experienced Coach, Reader, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Ashley dedicates her life to her work and is truly passionate about her purpose work, which is to awaken and empower humanity.


If you desire to work with a truly passionate and dedicated Spiritual Practitioner for coaching, healing, and/or learning then you have found the right person, she was made for this. She embodies the Galactic energies which are currently emerging on the planet in order to bring humanity to the next level of evolution.


Veronica Houston

Veronica is the owner and founder of Beyond Infinity RI.


She is attuned to several healing modalities including Usui Reiki, Galactic Emergence and Let Animals Lead Animal Reiki Method, Level one.


She is also an intuitive tarot and oracle reader and spiritual and empowering coach. 

Veronica is a licensed and practicing funeral director since 2008. She has great experience with helping families with their grieving process and honoring their loved ones.


If you have experienced a loss, recent or a ways back, she can help you cope with your grieving in a healthy and safe space and to your specific needs. 

Veronica has a enormous love for animals. Having two pugs of her own, Veronica has hosted pet meditations to help ease anxiety and stress that pets may experience. This has helped ease discomfort from the effects of holiday fireworks or loud noises. She continues to learn how to help not only animals, but their owners as well. 

Her goal is to help others heal their own past experiences, trauma or diving deep into their shadow work.


If you're looking to empower yourself, work on self esteem, confidence, boundaries, or tapping into your spiritual side, she the guide for you. 

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