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Money MagicK 2.o


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Money Magick 2.0 

“I hate money.” Oh really? Say that again with your lyin ass. 


If I was Maury Povich I would tell you “That’s a lie!”


I don’t believe you, especially if you had a winning lottery ticket in your pocket. 


No one hates money, I just don’t believe that. Ok wait, unless you live in the forest and fully 100% live off the land. Which if that was the fact you wouldn’t be reading this. I may be able to give you some reasons as to why you have these resentful feelings towards money.


Besides the fact that you struggle with your Wealth Consciousness.


Paying bills and having to be the responsible adult just doesn’t seem like much fun. This is programming my friend and I incarnated in this earthly realm to help you release this crap.


It’s time to know and understand your worth. 

While you enjoy the essence of Riches, Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity. 


I’ve done A LOT of wealth clearing over the last few years, and I have to say its quite the work but its worth it. I just moved into a new luxury apartment and bought a really nice spiffy Acura truck. 3 years ago I would have never thought that I would be capable of any of this because I was in the “I’m a broken, wounded, drained, tired healer bullshit”. Yea, I’m totally over that crap now. I’m completely okay with charging my worth, creating programs, and talking about how I love money, while being connected to my Divinity. Imagine that? Things shifted because I decided that I have had enough. 


I realized you can’t do the things you really desire to do when you are broke, because when you are broke your spirit is broken. It was a complete disservice to my clients, community, and purpose work to stay “broken”. I swear if I didn’t change my path at the end of 2018 I probably would have gotten really sick because I could feel my body breaking down. I could barely lift 5 pound weights doing chest presses at the gym and in all seriousness, I barely went to the gym because I was so exhausted and had NO ENERGY. I was overweight, looked like ass half the time, and was depressed because I was over worked. 


Then I found coaches and teachers who taught Wealth clearing and awareness. This isn’t just your stupid little abundance mediations that you find online. This work is all about digging deep into your money wounds. I KNOW there are a lot of people in my community that need this because I don’t want to hear about how you “can’t afford” my courses. I spent over 20k on coaches, classes, and healings this year. Please STOP telling the universe and God that you can’t afford! This is something we will be talking about in Money Magick. These words aren’t allowed in my community because I want to see you ALL healthy and WEALTHY as fuck! I’m here to teach this because YOU ARE WORTH IT.


Money Magick consists of 5 live videos in which we will talk about Money programming and do some Money activations. The last video is an awesome Money Magick ceremony to help you align with Wealth and Abundance in your energy field. Here’s some topics discussed and all of these were followed by an activation. 


-Beliefs around MONEY

-Slavery Consciousness 

-Breaking through the Old Programs 

-Money Language 


When you are Wealthy you are healthy, and will have more energy to do all the things you day dream about daily. When you are in the mindset of wealth you can create a lot more than when you are in the mindset of scarcity and lack. 


If you want to stay a broke bitch this course isn’t for you. If you want to start aligning with WEALTH invest in yourself!


This was only level 1! Check out some of the Magick inside of this container! Below $$$$


Now it's time to dive deeper with Money Magick 2.0!

This course went so well I had to continue the flow and momentum! If you're reading this you know we are going through a massive shift on this planet. How we receive money and wealth will be a huuuuge part of the shift. I also truely believe in my heart that the wealth will begin to shift out of the hands of the "people" that are destroying this planet and into the hands and hearts of the people who want to raise the frequencies on this earth plane. 

But heres the thing, this can't happen until WE BELIEVE we are worthy of living a highly abundant and fulfilling life. 

Everyone is worried, everyone is scared.


It doesn’t mean that YOU need to be. I realized the panic when I went to Salem the other day. People are sad, depressed, and feel lost. Surprise, surprise....we are constantly being fed fear. Question is, are you going to continue to eat it? 


I know I bust balls a lot and talk a lot of shit but I honestly do it because I care. In order for me to activate people and wake them the fuck up, I need to give tough love. That’s just who I am.


☠️I’m not here for you excuses.

🔥I’m here for your expansion.

☠️I’m not here to coddle you.

🔥I’m here to kick you into gear. 

☠️I’m not here to bore you to death with the same old crap everyone else is doing. 

🔥I’m here to pave the way, pave new paths and to innovate.


If my words seem offensive some’s because I mean it and I’m

Not fucken sorry. 


Why??? Because I know you are here for more, and the only way I can show that to you is to give you the balls to the wall truth and help you walk your talk. Too many of you talk to much, and don’t do anything.


The truth can be painful. I can feel some of you cringe when you read my shit. I can feel your hearts sink into your stomach because you’re like “damn this little bitch just called me out on my shit through a social media post.”


Well I love to tell you I’m just getting started. Wait just wait.


You all laugh when I bust Jess’s balls on live videos..Guess what muthafucker!? (Tiger King)


I’m coming for you! (Hulk Hogan Flexing)


I’m calling in the Magickal Peeps who know they are worthy of the Rich Bitch lifestyle. 


I’m calling in the Galactic Starseed Mofos that want to rise above and beyond this old paradigm.


I’m calling in the Rebels that have had it with the system that sets humans up to fail.


I’m calling in the souls who are here to start the Spiritual Revolution with fucken integrity, courage, and strength. 


I’m calling in the Ascension Warriors, all you “woke basic bitches” can stay where you are. This isn’t a fucken fad, it’s real life. If you are just following the trend of the “woke” shit get the fuck off my feed, I’m here for the people who are ready to change their life’s and intern changes others! We are all here to make a difference it’s really about deciding to just do it. 


This isn’t a trend, I kill trends just like I’m here to destroy the basic bitch.


I embody the aspects of the dark Goddess who is here to dismember the ego, rip your old self to shreds and get you to the GOLD.


The Galactic GOLD is what I’m going for.


Why aren’t we living in a Utopia on earth yet?


Why don’t we have free energy?


Why can’t we travel through space to other galaxy’s.


If you think it’s because of technology you are a dumb fuck. It’s about CONTROL. They have the technology to do all these things, we just don’t have access to it because we are bitches. Literally we are little bitches to the elite.


Are you going to continue to be a bitch and bypass the Utopia we can have on earth? Or are you going to step up and step into your power?


We can’t step up if we are in a weak position, wealth brings power, power allows us to make decisions for our families, communities, cities, states, countries, and world. 


If you like being complacent and controlled I’m not your teacher or mentor. I honestly can’t believe you’ve gotten this far in the post.


Spiritual expansion is freedom.


Wealth & Money bring freedom.

Are you ready to do this with me? 

Here's whats happening in Money Magick 2.0!

Opt in now and you Recieve the 1st Money Magick program as well!


🔥This course will be at least 2 months working in a private container with me.


🔥You will receive access to the private Telegram text app! We are already in there getting started.


🔥Access to a private Facebook group where all the lives are and unlimited access to the Kajabi website (outside of social media) which means you can watch all the replays anytime you feel you need to.


🔥We will have 2 Group Coaching calls.


🔥5 Live trainings with activations!


Here’s what we will be working through in this course!


🔥Money and Fear....There is so much fear connected to wealth, it’s insane. We will dive deep into the fear programming that surrounds Money. Warning ⚠️ you will be triggered! This is shadow work at its finest. Ask around about my fear release techniques....Ashley V ain’t nothing to mess with when we do this work!


🔥Ancestor Clearing & Past Life Clearing, Clearing in the present, also future clearing. This is my trinity clear....past, present, and future. I will be working with the Christ Consciousness to facilitate these clearings. We will discuss the astral layers and layers within the aura that hold all the poverty consciousness programs in these areas. This is another layer of intense shadow work. Be ready, we are diving deep.


🔥Finally we get a little lighter with the clears, we will discuss the the 9 chakras and how wealth consciousness is programmed within each one. This activation of course will be a deep chakra clear to disconnect from the Money wounds and reconnect to WEALTH. 


🔥Money and the Ascension.....Why aren’t you making the money you want doing your purpose work? Why don’t you believe in yourself? Why are you slacking when it comes to being the Lightworker you want to be? Why? Why? Why? Enough is enough it’s time to live the life of your dreams! 


🔥Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine discussion with activations. This is the final balancing in the container. We will talk about the importance of both energies and how they connect with wealth and riches. Galactic Kings and Queens only! Grab your crowns for this one 👑


The container is open now! We started with a collective reading for the group and opening ceremony.


Don’t stay broken and basic! Rise, expand, and live the life you desire to live.


You are worthy! Believe it!