“You’ve been training for this for lifetimes”

The time is now!

Your time is now!

The shift is now!

What are you waiting for a hand- written invitation from God??

A Hogwarts letter?? (That would be amazing!)

A wizard knocking on your door to ask you if you’d like to go on a journey to destroy an evil ring?? (Pretty Badass??)

Well guess what, that shit ain’t gonna happen, but what is happening is quit interesting and powerful. The shift, the event, the world wide wake up call is here!

If you haven’t seen the signs around you that the old world is falling apart then I don’t know if you’re ever going to get it! GOOD GOD wake up please!!

It’s time to buckle up and move. Move in on your purpose work, zone in on your inner development, and create the life you’ve always wanted! The noise is fading while the reality is transforming.

This dimension is shifting and we will not be going back to the same old, same old, so be ready for serious change now. STOP looking back, STOP wishing that COVID doesn’t exist because it does, it’s here and we just have to keep moving forward. Trust me I’ve been there with the “WTF this fucked up everything” “This shit sucks, I don’t want to deal with this at all”; well unfortunately we have too. We were prepared for this in the astral realms. We all felt something coming, our higher selves knew, we just didn’t know exactly what to expect.

So what do we do now? Where do we go from here? Honestly the only thing I know is that we will become stronger and evolve, move through this, and rise above this darkness. This is the Ascension, this is the Transformation, this is the break- through in the awakening that will be the catalyst to wake many humans up from the Matrix Virus. So let’s look at it as one Virus destroying another.

Fuck the Matrix and the Walking Dead Zombies who just follow the module because it’s “Safe” and “Comfy”. Being comfortable in the Matrix is what brought the COVID virus to our reality, and we needed something to kick us in the ass to make us shift above and beyond this reality. The old world creates followers and submissive complacent people who don’t want to evolve because its “too hard.” Well now we have no choice and many of you reading this are equipped for this change. Many of you reading this have been complaining about the state of earth and humanity for years. Well now it changes.

The world is calling you! Yes you, if you’re reading this then you have a greater calling on this planet! If you follow me and or Ascension Nxt then you have a connection with something that is above and beyond human comprehension. You believe in the other dimensions, other worlds, and Galactic forces that are beginning to emerge within our dimension. You have come here to create through your divinity and bring a piece of that divine into and onto the planet!

Now is the time to utilize all of your knowledge and wisdom from this lifetime and others to co create a reality that humans have been dreaming of for centuries. I feel many people in the Spiritual field have been collecting information, doing the healing work, and learning about the divine for years. Now it’s time to work with your tools, be creative, and jump on opportunities that will come in during this shift. I can guarantee that this will not feel comfortable and you will wonder if you are worthy enough to be in such a position. Count on your intuition to bring you the correct guidance during these times, trust in what you know and leave the rest. We all have special gifts that will help humanity and the planet as a whole during this process.

It’s a time of remembrance, soul’s remembrance.

It’s a time of reflection.

It’s a time of rebirth.

It’s a time of transformation.

It’s a time of creation.

It’s time to trust in your higher being, and the higher forces.

You were made for this!!

Peace to the Gods


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