Besides it being a weird term I channeled last year in the summer....Galactic Currency is the future of wealth on this planet.

Meaning..... Fuck the... 💥Struggle 💥Hustle 💥 Survival mode BS to live

  1. We want to... Be in... ✨Flow ✨Purpose ✨Thrive modeI asked the other night how money connects to Galactic energies and I channeled this:“The money programming on the planet has a lot of fear based elements, once humans begin to clear money fears and issues, they can begin to focus more on mission based issues”Ashley Vs translation....being a broke boring bitch distracts you from doing your mission! Got it! Ok what else?“Also any fear programming will block unconditional love and higher frequencies from integrating on the planet.”Ashley Vs translation....Jesus doesn’t want to hang out with broke bitches because they complain all the time about what they don’t have. Jesus wants us to understand we can have it all, and we don’t need to be struggling for poop change. Ok cool what else?“When humans can change their money woes, their vibration will elevate at a quicker pace because they will NOT be in survival mode constantly.”Ashley Vs translation.....GOD is SICK of hearing your prayers about money, he/she wants you to MANIFEST it yourself so you can talk to him/her about cooler things happening in your life. ✨