Walking Through The Veil….An Honorary Samhain Feast With Our Ancestors

Updated: Feb 13

Walking Through The Veil….An Honorary Samhain Feast With Our Ancestors   This Halloween, Ascension Nxt is holding our 1st ceremonial Samhain feast!  The decision has been made that we want to host something more significant than the Crystal Ball. Last year’s Crystal Ball was a great event, but we feel the need to create an evening around the true essence and meaning behind Samhain.    Halloween is so much more than partying, scary movies, costumes, and candy.  Ascension Nxt is bringing back the ancient practices of Samhain and we want you to join us at this celebration!    The traditions of this celebrated day date back thousands of years ago. The year was witnessed in two halves, the darker half and the lighter half. Samhain was known to be the day the darker half of the year begins and in which the veil between the living world and the spirit world are the thinnest. Families would leave food out for their ancestors and loved ones to enjoy as their spirits would return home and visit the world they once lived in. To light their way home, gourds and turnips were often carved with candles placed within them. It was also known for individuals to wear masks to ward off the evil spirits wandering. Today we see these ancient traditions practiced in a modified manner. We wear costumes and masks and we roam around our neighborhoods to the houses with carved and lit pumpkins where we receive gifts of food from the homes we visit. While it is very interesting to see the transition in the practices, it is easy to see how time has taken the sacredness out of this day. So here we are to bring out its truest meaning once more.    Halloween is an important time of the year for many who participate in the Craft, have a Magickal practice, and/or participate in any type of spiritual work. So many people are yearning for a deeper connection with their ancestors, loved ones who have passed, and the spiritual world in general. This year Ascension Nxt is lifting the veil and calling in the ancestors to celebrate with us in this sacred space. This Magickal evening will include an opening drumming ceremony by Jessica B. and an Ancestor Ceremony with Ashley V. and Danielle D.    The ceremony is intended to help everyone connect deeply with their loved ones who have passed and other ancestors that they have not connected with in this lifetime. We will be connecting with energies to help heal grief and loss and be discussing the importance of the cycles of life and death. We want to discuss death and celebrate life, which has been almost forgotten in our society because we avoid these topics. Well not here, we embrace it!   With death comes memories of joy and hearing the stories of our ancestors.   This evening is intended to help all the participants understand and embrace the energies of the spiritual realm. This is the true essence of Samhain, All Hallows Eve, and Halloween; and Ascension Nxt intends to bring the importance of this back into our culture by honoring death and celebrating life.    The evening will begin with a beautiful welcome ceremony which will transition into our sacred Samhain ritual. As part of the ceremony and ritual Ashley and Danielle will channel messages from beyond the veil to give to the group collectively. Following the ceremony and ritual we will move into the evening’s joyful celebration and have a full-on feast with an amazing buffet! There will also be a Charity Raffle and Readers for those who would like to receive a one on one reading on this evening.   This ceremony is open to all levels, so if you feel called to participate and have never done anything like this before, you are more than welcome. In fact, we advise you to heed the message from spirit and join us.    As much as we all love costume parties, this event is sacred, and in honor of welcoming our loved ones we encourage those joining us to dress nicely, wearing blacks and greys, or your best Witch attire.    We ask you to bring a photo of your loved ones in spirit, to place on our Ancestor Altar during the evening. We also suggest bringing with you a notebook and pen to journal your experiences and messages.    Doors open at 7:00pm and our ceremony will begin shortly thereafter. Please be mindful of punctuality in respect of the sacred space being created.    Itinerary: Doors Open at 7:00pm Opening Welcome Ceremony  Drumming with Jess Ritual & Ceremony with Ashley & Danielle  Channeled Messages Dinner (Buffet)  Raffles Purchase Tickets Here! https://www.facebook.com/events/74155...