The Truth can No Longer Be Condemned

Authenticity is DIVINE and that’s exactly why its hated, because we live in a low vibe world with a bunch of “Devils” trying to push you away from your Divinity.

The Divine light is coming in strong and the low vibe Devils are running around like cockroaches trying to get you to conform to every and any aspect of fear that they can at the moment.

Lie are comforting.

The truth hurts.

Believing a lie is easy because you don’t have to think too much.

The truth is work, work that a lot fuckers don’t want to do!

Think about those relationships you’ve been in where you know something is up, you catch that person in about 81 lies a day, maybe more, maybe less. You confront them and they always say the same shit….. “you’re crazy!!” “You need mental help!!” Of course, and that’s exactly what happens in society when we try to dig into the truth, whether it be the media, relationships, unsolved mysteries (not the show, but that was the best!! Lol) or your inner work. You are usually looked at as crazy because you want to access the truth.

I’ve always been the one to disagree …..

This is the conditioning to keep our true selves on the back burner. The conditioning is failing, falling, and deconstructing, and you are being called back to your original Galactic self. We all have a higher self aka Galactic self and this part of you wants to connect with your physical reality which is considered inner spiritual work. Many of us have been denied this connection for lifetimes on this planet because we lived in such low frequencies here, it’s almost like it hasn’t been allowed for centuries. Hence the witch trials and all that fun stuff.

Well now the cockroaches are getting squashed and poisoned by the light. Fortunately for us the vibrations are raising on the planet, so you most likely won’t get burned at the stake for bringing that Divinity forth.

Looking at that picture above still reminds of society now, I feel the person hanging in the background is our higher self and we are conditioned to condemn this energy until its so far away we don’t even hear it anymore. Fuck this! This is why I’m alive, this is why I’m here, I’m here to help people bring forth their Divinity and open that connection! The time is now! I’m cool with being looked at like at as a Fool, in fact it’s my favorite Tarot card. That’s what my life has been about……me not giving a fuck about following the herd. I’m her to activate that in you! When you have confidence with yourself you can go a long way and live an awesome life. I’ll repeat this again, the time is now!

Your higher self wants more from you, but you easily have an excuse as to why it’s not good enough. It will never be the carbon copy that your community WANTS, but it will be the rebel soul that your community truly DESIRES. People want and desire real, but they don’t realize it until it shows up, and it needs to show up in full force. Meaning you can’t be truly you when its convenient, it has to show up ALL the time. It’s crazy how society accepts real when it benefits them, and becomes some sort of successful person with fame and wealth! But when you are in the beginning process you better bet your ass those bitches will be grabbing their pitch forks, (which is cell phones now a days) and condemning you to the fucken fullest.

And I say let them, let them shit on you! Let them talk shit, let them walk away, let them be cruel, let them fall deep within their shadow, while you move forth into the light! They will learn some sort of lesson and usually the outcome depends on their actions and how they receive that energy.

People are yearning for real in these times, but the problem is the old conditioning may get in the way to the point where they don’t realize that’s exactly what they need. Honor your Divinity, honor your Galactic self, honor the part of you that desires expansion. Don’t push it away! Don’t submit to the lies, and trust the truth in you that is about to unfold.

I am now booking 1:1 coaching sessions, check the link below for more deets. My passion and purpose is to help humanity expand!

Peace to the Gods