The Trauma Creating All the Drama

So here we are March 25, 2020 and what a tangled web we weave, or is it?

Is it the illusions of this darkness coming into and onto the planet telling us we are fucked, or are we really??? Well as many of you know especially if you’ve been following my content lately you can tell that I feel this is a great time of opportunity for humanity even though it seems like a big old shit show. So I asked the Divine what I need to address today with the collective and I pulled the Deep Cellular Healing card as you can see below.

Here’s the funny thing, this has been ANOTHER card out of like 5 or 6 different cards that I’ve been pulling for the last 3 months! As soon as I pulled it I was like “aww man do I really want to talk about this?” and the Divine was like “yes, yes you do” lol. Well I can’t argue with that! At that point I was getting flashbacks of the weekly reading (link below) I did last night and how I was talking about the Ancestral healing that is going on the planet now. So yes, we are doing a lot of ancestral clearing in the earth star chakra which is below your feet, this basically connects you to Earth. This chakra is one of the 1st transpersonal chakras at the bottom of your energy field and its soles purpose is to ground your energy into the Earth, literally it is your anchor. I noticed while working in this chakra that there is a lot of Ancestral patterns that reside there and when working with clients I go right to this chakra to help them clear old patterns that were passed down from their Ancestral lines.

So as we know many of our Ancestors have been through Wars, Plagues, Famines, and Economic crashes. Essentially we are experiencing all of these energies at once! We are at War with an invisible enemy that is creating a Plague, that is threatening our food source (emptying grocery stores), and crashing our Economy!! Wow pretty crazy how we are getting nailed with all this trauma at once! Or are we just clearing our Ancestors trauma?? I’m feeling a little bit of both but I’m leaning more towards the clearing because think of it, if our earth star chakras are connected to the Earth and the Earth is purging, of course all of that shit needs to come up and out too!! It only makes sense that we release when she does.

So what do you do?? I’d say it’s a great time to learn more about your Ancestors troubles and maybe go into meditation and connect with the earth star chakra and see what may reside in there. Feel what Is releasing, and let that shit go!

The other chakra that is being hit big time is the root so there is definitely a huge clearing going on in our base chakra and this has to do with fears about survival, money, community and safety. All of this is being threatened right now and we are really beginning to look at how precious our community is, and how fragile our safety is when our health is threatened by an unknown source that is toxic to our biological makeup. This is slapping the humility back into humanity and making us realize we need each other more than anything to feel safe right now. Fuck the drama, we need support, connection, and communication so we can get through this. And the money thing, well I’ve been ranting and raving about this shit for months, and I’ve been telling people that we really need to start looking at our “jobs” and see how they can carry us into the future, and as we are seeing many can’t and will not. Time for a change!!

Why??? Well it goes back to our roots hence root chakra, the community and the tribe. Our best jobs in the future will serve the people, the communities, and the planet. It’s really plain and simple but so many people just don’t get it, which is why I yell a lot. LOL This is purpose led work! This is what the Earth is calling ALLLLLL humans to step up and do! This is why I’m creating all these programs to help humanity get set up for the future coming that will help you find your purpose, manifest the reality you desire, and become confident in what you create knowing that you are worth it because the world is worth it!! (Check out my Flow 2 Force class if you want to know more, enrollment ends March 31st, you need to be there!) The root chakra is taking no prisoners and the collective energy of the root is yelling at us to change our shit!! Change for the betterment of the whole, not just you. We’ve been so concerned with us as individuals, we forgot about the Earth, our communities, and that humans are a tribal species that need each other to survive (THRIVE). We can do this, you can do this, change is here NOW. You kind of have no choice, just sayin.

So again fuck all the hype, fuck all the drama, look at this from a higher perspective, we are evolving and it’s only going to go up from here! Hope you all are safe, and making the best of this time!

Peace to the Gods


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