Stop playen! Stop Playen! Stop Playen! A lot of you are fucking with my heart and soul. A lot of you are feeding the beast! A lot of you are rolling over and dying, during this whole shift. Stop!

I’m going to tell you all something REALLY important connected to the astral realm and dark entities. They feed off of fear, fear is a delicacy to them, they ingest fear like we eat an expensive fine dined with wine and chiccy nuggies meal (baby yoda lol) . I learned a lot about this through my study of different ET races and it gets scary, it gets creepy, buuut we’re NOT going to go down that road at this moment. I’m trying to dispel the fear in this blog.

1st I want to give a big ol FUCK YOU to people that are shitting on others who are trying to send an uplifting message at this time and shift within the chaos. You can tell them that I said that and give them the link to this blog…..please do.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people in my community that they are getting shit on because they want to shift people out of this shitty reality that the MONSTER AI BABY EATING MEDIA is trying to create. Let me say this to anyone that may be reading this that is marching with their COMMANDER FEAR medal in the victim parade (I’m pretty sure you may have stopped reading by now, maybe not maybe you love to hate me because it makes you feel better, that’s cool with me) not everyone is trying to down play the virus, so don’t get your panties in a bunch. There are just so many people that are SICK of talking about it constantly. It is unhealthy to many! If you want to talk about it constantly that’s cool, don’t judge others because they don’t. How is that helping anyone??

I don’t understand why we need to stop living life? Why are we expected to be sad all the time and just give up on everything? OH YEA THE MEDIA…duh

“Your posting something that is celebrating your financial wins! You are an awful person!” Yeppp I seen that!

“You are telling people to be strong in such an awful time! How dare you???”

Yep I seen that!

“You are acting like this doesn’t exist and living your life like nothing in wrong! How could you?” Yep I seen that too.

Just because you are rolling over in defeat and waiving your white flag doesn’t mean other people need to either. Some people just want to move forward with their life’s, and do things that make them feel good right now. It’s funny because I was thinking the other day that all the people that lived in misery before this and cried and complained are LOVING this. Why? Because now they are the cool people again, they will get attention for being the victim when maybe they didn’t before. Honestly that pisses me off because there are people who are really scared and need support and then there’s people who THRIVE off of negative attention. Watch out for them folks, they are the walking dead who will eat your fucken brains!

It boggles my mind, sometimes to the point of insanity that people STILLLL trust the media after they constantly lie to us all the time. How in the hell do some people look at the news and go “omg that’s the realist thing ever, I believe EVERYTHING THEY SAY”….blank look. Please USE discernment when watching the NEWS, a lot of people don’t and I’m yelling right now while I’m typing because I am so pissed at people in the Spiritual Community that still fall for the same old shit by the machine constantly! I see you, I watch some of you, and I get so disgusted that you just blindly follow with no DISCERNMENT. Let me tell you why. No matter what is going on the media will do everything in their power to make it seem like it’s the end of the world and we are all going to die.

Nothing is news in the mainstream media anymore it’s all propaganda. It’s all emotion and opinion instead of reporting NEWS. Yes the VIRUS is serious, yes everything that is going on is fucken serious, especially with our economy, but us as Spiritual FN LEADERS should know better than to fall into the trap. I’ve been seeing a lot of people in the community focusing on the negative…..ummmmm where’s your divine connection? Where’s your faith? Are you praying? Are you trying to manifest a reality that will be amazing when this is all said and done???

I will say this again too, we all have the right to feel all the fucked up feelings, but I feel if you call yourself a Spiritual Practitioner, Teacher, Mentor, and or Coach you need to be shedding some light and teaching people whatever the F you learned through out all these years of “studying”. The constant fear mongering isn’t why we are here. We are here to lead, teach, and adjust to all changes. Remember that shit????? It’s literally taught in everything from Yoga to Spiritual work to Coaching, its all the same STUFF overall!! Grow, change, flow, transform, blah blah blah!

I’m also going to say this if you’re an open channel, and you constantly feed into the fear you are giving those astral energies exactly what they want all the time. Because your field is open more than let’s say the muggle who’s never had some sort of awakening, you are an open container my friend. Protect that field and watch what you ingest all the time. That’s why I tell people once you unlock this door, that’s it there’s no turning back.

This is why I scream about discernment. Use it.

Rant over, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Peace to the Gods,