INTEGRITY - Something I Stand By

My soul was born to do the work I do today. I’ve had no choice, I can say that what I do today is my fate and my destiny because I was created by the creator to do THIS.

I’ve had experiences with ETs since I was a kid, I had no choice but to figure WTF was going on with me. WTF was going on in this world, and WTF was going on in the unknown. For my sanity and mental health I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO BE A STUDENT of the UNKNOWN at a very young age.

I lived half my life hating this world because I knew we were being lied to and that there were other worlds, dimensions, and energies out there that were hidden from humans. I was told my whole life that I was CRAZY for my beliefs and laughed at because I was always SO OPEN about who I was.

I tried to live and be a normal person and it never worked, which is why I resulted to music, and side hustles to make money. Let me tell you something, I didn’t start doing this work because I was a bored house wife and needed something to do.

I never worked a corporate job in my life, so me doing this work wasn’t an out from the corporate world like many others.

I lived in this crazy, fucked up reality my whole life! I knew there was a whole other reality that was hidden from humans, I could feel it, I could see it. I KNEW IT ALWAYS.

If money and or career wasn’t a thing I would do this work for FREE, and I can promise you that many in my field wouldn’t because they don’t give a shit. It’s just another thing to get them away from their boring reality that they lived in and for some to make a quick buck.

One thing I can say is my life has never been boring and neither has my reality, because my existence has ALWAYS BEEN MAGICKAL and MYSTICAL AS FUCK!

So what’s my point here? My point here is that I’m here to hold integrity in my field.

I can’t even tell you how many people learn one thing one week and then the next week they go and teach it like they’re some expert.

Do you know how many people DO NOT protect the space when they are facilitating and channeling energy from the other side?? This is so dangerous and can cause serious mental, emotional, and Karmic issues.

Do you know how many people just channel and talk to whatever is in the Astral plane just because they WANT to channel?!! This is how other energies jump into your body and play you like a fucken puppet. Stop playing around with this because you want to boost your ego or play games. It’s not a game.




Then there’s the other side...

Do you know how many amazing people I’ve met in this field who are awesome at what they do and don’t get PAID enough for their work?? That’s a problem too, a problem I’m here to CHANGE.

Do you know how many experts in this field don’t believe in themselves and just hide because they carry so much fear from being seen and being ridiculed for their gifts?? FUCK THAT, IM HERE FOR THEM TOO!

I see a common issue here, and I’m here to help the people who have the real passion and gifts to step forward. As far as the others they will be seen, they will be noticed for their falsehoods and maybe they’ll put a little more work into their practices when they see more people with integrity moving forward.

Some of you may be confused by this post, because it may seem like I’m bashing the people who stepped out of normalcy to be in this field.

NOPE. All I’m saying is check your intentions before you start becoming a facilitator in this field. Are you bored and just want to make money doing something fun?? If that’s the answer find another job, GO MAKE CUPCAKES or UNICORN HEAD BANDS.

This is serious work and there’s a lot on the line when you step into the other dimensions and mess with peoples heart and spirits.

If you have the real passion and drive to do this work, step forward, step up, believe in yourself. Check your intentions and work in fucken integrity with your work. Find amazing teachers, practice, study, and don’t try to rush into things because other people are doing it.

This isn’t a game, this is real life. This is the new REALITY that is shaping OUR NEW EARTH.

Step up in INTEGRITY or step OUT

Peace to the Gods

- V