I want to address this little meme and others that are similar that are floating around on my timeline. I disagree. I have a right too because I can.

In order for a lot of people to “Stay Healthy” we must keep momentum in our lives. Pausing, reflecting, and doing nothing are awesome too!! There’s times for that and some people like me feel we want to keep up with the flow. Sorry n shit if I’m offending you.

If you have read my previous blogs you will see and hear me say over and over again that everyone has the right to feel like shit during this event, but I personally DO NOT connect with the message of do nothing all the time. I’m here to connect with the people who feel me on this statement, everyone else that is not in alignment with my work and what I am about can leave! BYE!

Let me make this clear 1st….

· If you are on the front lines of this, this message does not apply to you.

· If you know someone on the front lines who you are worried about and stress about this message is not for you.

· If you are someone who has worked your ass off for years and years and you finally are taking a break this message is not for you.

· If you are having a serious mental breakdown and need real help and support this is not for you. (I mean crippling)

· If YOU ARE SICK or KNOW someone who is sick, this message is not for you.

This message is for all you lazy ass bitches who will just find every and any excuse to NOT DO ANYTHING!! This message is for the people who constantly complain that they hate their lives and do nothing to fix it! This message is for people who are shitting on people like me for staying motivated and positive during this shit show. Excuse us for trying to lift the vibes??? That’s exactly what this meme is doing, shitting on people for trying stay motivated, and motivating others. WHAT HORRIBLE people we are???

Let me say this, do you know why motivational speakers and the self -help industry makes so much money???? (As of 2019 the self -help industry is said to be worth 11 Billion dollars! It has been going up significantly for years.) Because people are lazy and spend more time complaining then actually doing things to better their lives. I listen to Gary V all the time, and I love listening to him when he speaks to his live audiences. First off he says the same shit all the time, and he gets paid $150,000 per speaking engagement, and he will always say something along the lines of….”I’m going to give you all a bunch of great information on how to shift your life’s and about 90% of you WON’T do anything.” What’s funny about this is he is right and what’s even funnier is people will pay shit tons of money to go see him speak live and won’t take any of his advice. WHY??

I believe there are 3 reasons for this:

#1. People are lazy and don’t want to take the steps to fix their lives. They want to complain because it’s easy.

#2. People are scared of what others will think when they take those steps. People care too much of what others think and it becomes crippling and toxic. HOW DARE YOU BETTER YOURSELF???

#3. People love the vanity of being there and listening to him so they can post on social media that they are watching Gary V. Many don’t care about what he has to say, he’s the cool guy, so it’s cool to go see the guy that everyone likes.

This is the world we live in. But you know what people will do??????? COMPLAIN ALLLL THE FUCKENN TIME. Do you know how much energy complaining wastes?? Trust me I know, I was and can be a huuuuge complainer. I hated everything for a big part of my life, I always had anxiety, I was always depressed, until one day I woke up and I was like FUCK THIS!!!!! Literally you have to get to the FUCK YOU or FUCK THIS SHIT MODE to change things. Right now the planet and the collective is in FUCK THIS SHIT MODE and your either going to shift or not??

Sorry n shit again!! Take the time you need to heal, but get ready and prepared for what’s coming.

Let me just say this, there are so many people who did NOTHING before this event, will do NOTHING during, and will continue to do NOTHING after. Every day they will have an excuse as to why their life sucks and they can’t do anything. I see it, I hear it, its real-life folks, there are people who will just find an excuse for anything. The world could be a perfectly amazing Utopia and there will be people who hate life and find something to destroy it all. Literally they will find something out of nothing.

This meme just seems like an excuse to do nothing, unless you are in those top categories in the beginning. You want to rag on people who have goals and want to be inspiring and motiving during this time. That’s some bullshit! Anyone who gets triggered by the word discipline needs to check themselves. Discipline is an amazing word, that helps change lives.

Lets talk about Trauma for a moment because this is what really grinds my gears with this fucken meme. As an energy healer I’ve seen it all and talked to many with so many different issues. I’ve worked on people that were raped, molested, divorced, depressed, and experienced severe trauma in the military, pretty much anything and everything you name it! These cases have one thing in common, the trauma has embedded into their cell tissues and creates suffocating lower vibe energy in the energetic field. As a practitioner we need to move the energy, but when the session is over it is up to the client to continue to do the work…..when the session is over it is up to the CLIENT to continue the work. Do you get it?

This means meditation, body movement, and other practices of self- care at the moment. It also means to learn to create in this process. Creation moves toxic energy. Creation can be anything from writing, dancing, building, painting, etc.. Creation moves toxicity from the cell tissue, the mind, and helps people deal with emotional issues.

What’s my point? Self- care is a fucken skill, it takes time and discipline to fucken develop, not just sitting in your shit and hoping someone is going to come rescue you. No one is going to rescue you from yourself during this time! It’s the perfect time to develop discipline, create, and learn to raise your frequencies in a shit storm!

The OLD WORLD is done, the NEW WORLD begins now. Nothing will ever be the same, we are not going back to what was because it is gone. So much anxiety and depression is created in the energy body by LOOKIN BACK. Move forward and you can shift that.

No you don’t have to do anything during this Quarantine, you can sit on your ass and watch Netflix, eat all the shit food, cry, complain and have all the anxiety you want. It’s completely UP TO you as to what you create during this time. Don’t fucken shit on people who want to be successful during this time because that’s some bullshit right there. If you need the time to heal, do it.

I can foresee the future of thousands, maybe millions of people becoming mentally ill, over weight, out of shape, and extremely depressed after this is all said and done. But hey that’s completely OKAY because it’s a pandemic and we all have the right to fall face first into our shit!!??? We do! We absolutely do! It’s your choice what your life will become in every moment regardless of what’s going on on this planet.

But do you REALLY feel aligned with that?? DO YOU REALLY FEEL ALIGNED WITH THAT???

There are many of us who have a fucken choice during this time and I choose to say fuck this meme in mores ways than one!

The end of the meme: Stay Healthy….I’m confused???

Self-Care is a discipline

Being conscious of your health takes discipline!!

Creativity connects with health…

Staying motivated connects with health…

Moving your body helps release trauma and anxiety…

God forbid you have FUNNNNNNNNN!!!!! WTF is this trash??

The excluded people at the top can’t do any of this shit! If you are reading this and you aren’t one of those people, God help me because you might want to kill me for saying this, BUT YOU CAN HAVE FUN!

WTF is wrong with trying to better yourself during this? No just lay down and die, it’s okay. Oh Gee Golly Thank you MEME for saving my life! I’m so grateful you gave me permission to just give up on living and being a healthy human being.

And again staying HEALTHY is a DISIPLINE for many. Being productive is healthy for many. Having goals is healthy for many.

So yes stay HEALTHY, but what does that really mean for you in this moment???

If you are want to keep momentum and need someone to help with accountability I am here! Connect with me ascensionnxt@gmail.com or book a 1:1 coaching session!