Humans Love to Waste Time, Don't Be That Human

It’s Monday morning 3/23/2020 and as we all know the world is STILL in a crisis. It’s shitty and it sucks when you think of the normalcy of life that is gone right now. I used to love running out of the house and going to the gym or my personal trainer and now that’s gone. I used to love going to grab a coffee after eating my shake and or breakfast and getting the day started, that’s gone too. I’m being more cautious with what I intake during this time, it’s just not the same. I can’t see my mom or the rest of my family because I just want to stay away in case I am infected and or carrying the virus. Honestly, I haven’t really seen my family too much this year because I was dealing with a lot of dumb bullshit and I secluded myself from pretty much everything and everyone. Finally, I was ready to come back to reality and show up, but apparently reality was like NO FUCK YOU Ashley, I’m gone!

Whoa what the fuck is happening? It was like we all woke up in a really bad dream and are still in it! It won’t go away so easily and that’s quite apparent. Spring is here early we should all be excited, happy and jolly as fuck. Well the universe had other plans. And we need to learn to deal with it and keep on moving.

Usually I can’t wait to step out into the world! Usually I can’t wait to show my face on social media, trigger the fuck out of everyone, inspire, innovate, and create amazingness. It all got weird in 2020 for a moment, and when I decided to get back on the horse a wall was put in front of all of humanity. See how you just never know what is going to happen!

I’m going to tell you all this! Don’t waste this time wallowing in your self-pity because shit isn’t the same anymore. It will never be the fucken same and I am going to keep drilling that into all of your heads because I have to keep reminding myself that shit will never be the same! As humans we love to glorify the past and any innovator will tell you that. STOP PUTTING THE PAST ON A PEDISTAL! It’s time to move forward, and the time is NOW. Put a picture of a fucken Phoenix somewhere so you can remind yourself we are transitioning and Rising from the ashes!

And another thing I will keep telling you, we asked for this, not this specifically, but a huge shift. We’ve been wanting a change, and have been needing a kick in the ass to a new paradigm. Well it’s here! So don’t waste your fucken time trying to be like “omg when is this going to be over!” because I have a feeling a lot of you are going to do that, and do absolutely nothing in the process and REGRET it. Once this is over the external world will come back and there will be a lot of adjusting to do out there, it will be exhausting, so do the internal work now!

If you want to pivot your business, start thinking of the ideas now!

Start planning your next steps when this is over!

Start thinking about how you really want to live your life now!

What do you hate? What needs to change?

How were you wasting your life away before??

What glorious things can you create now?

Learn as much as you can, catch up on those books you haven’t finished reading and or opened yet! Start creating online courses, artwork, working with clients virtually, and whatever it is that you need to do in order to stay on track and to continue to be Purpose led! Most importantly get a schedule together for yourself! Try to have some organization for yourself and your family so you can have your time. Organization is key right now and will help build the foundation your creating in 2020. Remember 2020 is building the foundation for the next 7 years, I’ve mentioned this in my readings!

I will keep saying this over and over again as well, I’m going to keep working and selling programs. Why??? Because now is the perfect time for many of you to be focusing and learning!

My Flow 2 Force program (link below) still has spots and enrollment ends March 31st! This program is all that you need to stay on track and keep the creative juices flowing. I will be moving FULL FORCE into this program next week! It will be the month of Aprils kick ass program to help open up your perspective on the reality we just stepped into! We’re almost finished with Portal 1 which is all about the New Wave of Wealth (Money, Currency, Abundance), next week we will be working in Portal 2 which is all about Manifestation, and its crazy how its such perfect timing!!

I’m ready! I’m so ready to help you all dive into this new reality, I know that I am here to help humans make the transitions to THRIVE in the New EARTH. Do you know what you are here to do? Do you know how you are here to serve? If you need guidance contact me, I have some openings for 1:1 packages as well!

Contact me at

Don’t waste your time during this process, HONOR IT!

Peace to the Gods


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