How to Manifest in the shit show around you?

Manifestation is a term that is thrown around so much in the Spiritual/Coaching community, it can be quite eye rolling at times. A lot of people talk about it but not too many people master it. In order to become a master in something you really need to have patience, and want to learn as much as you can without trying to rush the process. It can take years even lifetimes to master something, this is why I want to punch Spiritual Basic Bitches in this face at times. People think they know it all by reading The Secret………..(silent mean mugging)……………this is such garbage!

You need to learn MORE about you and you need to dive deep within to really connect to your soul in order to tap into the real powers of Manifestation. If you are carrying garbage from the past it WILL block your desires, it will block your purpose from dropping in, it will just make you submissive to everyday life and you will be a sheep that just follows. WHY??? Because your energy will continue to be drained through frustration, anger, and or resentment because you can’t attract the things you desire. You need to be CLEAR in order to Manifest like a champ! This take discipline dedication.

I remember when Ascension Nxt storefront was open and we would sell products/tools that help enhance the manifesting process, especially those damn Money candles (which I still make sporadically). People thought by lighting a candle they were going to be able to change their whole life. LOL I can’t even tell you how wrong that is on so many levels, which is one of the reasons we stopped selling hand poured votives alone, now you have to buy them in a kit. I want people to understand that Magick and Manifesting is a process and should be honored, by taking your time and understanding what it is you need to release, work with, or bring forth to attract what you desire. It’s not 1,2,3 give it too me. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble by doing that shit, and that’s where the saying “be careful what you wish for” comes in. Trust me I've been there, its not fun.

Manifesting and changing your life’s energy takes time and dedication!! It’s not just about that one book you may read, the one class, or the fucken candle. (I love candle Magick, but again it’s a tool to enhance your practice. I feel I need to write a whole blog on this. Lol) Anyways, the Magick of manifesting has a lot to do with the frequency you carry. It really doesn’t have much to do with your surroundings when you become the master of your energy domain because you can shift external forces when you get really deep into your practice. No, you don’t have control over everything around you, but you do have control over yourself and your reactions and that can help counteract energies trying to wreak havoc in your life. Also as your soul evolves so does your manifestation practice, things that worked for me years ago don’t work for me now. My practice just keeps evolving.

Right now we’re in a storm and we being asked to step forth and utilize our abilities, and guess what?? Some of these abilities are dropping in now (Check out my Live video I did on my Ashley V page titled “Its like riding a bike…”) We are beginning to remember who we are and why we came to this planet, but a lot of that energy/download will be drowned out by the noise that is in our external reality from the chaos. FUCK the noise drop in! Now is the time to start learning about Manifestation on a deeper level because we need to bring the energy of the New Earth forth and the only way we can do this is by becoming the Master of our realities. It’s not just important for us personally but its important on a collective level right now. See all those doom and gloom articles being posted now, there are energies trying to get you to feed off the fear and manifest a shitty future for humanity. We need to bring the light in NOW, and we need to learn how to manifest properly now. What we are putting our energy into, we will create. So it needs to be of high frequency, unfortunately its harder to get there when you aren't doing the internal work.

The Magician

Lets talk about this guy for a moment, if you don’t recognize him he is the Magician in traditional Tarot and I will be working with this energy in my Flow 2 Force class in Portal 2. This energy is the Master of Manifestation and he has all the tools he needs in order to create the future he desires, but the greatest tool he has is himself. He is balanced and grounded, wise through experience, confident in his creations, and always evolving through his practice. The Magician works with all the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit and has a deep understanding of time, patience, and the knowing of when to act and create, and when to step back. He carries strength no matter the circumstance because he expects nothing from the external reality and works with what he is given at the moment.

How do you work with what you have been given in this moment??

Are your expectations destroying your creations during this time?

Are you ignoring the tools you have given while waiting for something “Better” to come along?

I'm ready to teach more people about the foundational work of Mysticism and the Spiritual World. I feel we need these practices to get humanity to the next level. In my Flow to Force course we will touch upon this subject and many others. Check out the link below! There's only 5 more days to enroll.

Creation is Divine 🔥

Can you feel it??

Manifestation creates through the knowledge of self 🔥

Do you understand YOU?

Money is a frequency and a vibration 🔥

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