Ascended Mastermind

What’s my intention with my Ascend Mastermind? To help people dig deep and to slap the boring out of their businesses. It really drives me crazy that there’s so many purpose led people doing the same shit. Let me tell you a little secret. That’s 👏🏻NOT 👏🏻 PURPOSE 👏🏻 LED. That’s doing things because everyone else does them and you think you need to do it that way to. Seriously I can’t even tell how sick I am of "the Angel Card Lady", "the Psychic Lady", "the Reiki Healer", "the Medium", and "the Coach in a business suit". It’s boring! There’s 800 million of all of these Personas but barely any individuality and authentic energy behind it. (I was one of these for a while and I just had to STOP 🛑) This is one of the main reasons why people can’t do this work FULL TIME, because they are half in and half out! How are you supposed to attract clients when you’re just like everyone else - sorry let me rephrase that again - how are you supposed to financially support yourself with joy, excitement, and keep your business in a steady flow by just showing up half ASSED? You can’t, it’s really that simple. 🔥No one wants to learn from you’re because you’re boring. 🔥No one wants to go to your classes because you’re boring and you’re not putting in serious effort so why should they? 🔥No one wants to buy your product because your energy is stagnant and boring. 🔥People can learn what you’re teaching in books aka meaning YOU’RE BORING!! What would happen if you could turn this all around? What would happen if you could put some real passion and pleasure into what it is you do? What would happen if you could have lots of fun creating because it’s from your energy signature? This is NOT a diss to Angel Cards and Reiki, it’s a CALL to liven your business up, show up with confidence, and create from your truth while UTILIZING the tools you have. Too many people put the tools in the forefront and hide behind the label. It’s time to put YOU in the forefront, and create programs and classes that nobody can recreate because it’s from your ORIGINAL divine imprint! 🔥It’s time to ELEVATE! 🔥It’s time to ASCEND! 🔥It’s time to give the world your DIVINE IMPRINT!