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"Do you feel you need some direction with your spiritual path?


Let me guess you read all the books, have the crystals, sage your space, but still feel like your kind of missing something.

There’s no substance and depth in your practice.

I bet I know why, you need more guidance, support, and community connection. 


Depth and substance is created through wisdom and experience. 


Here at Ascension Nxt we are not only here teaching but creating an experience. 

Don’t you think its time to work with more experienced practitioners and teachers?

Don't you think its time dive a little deeper into your souls work, and away from the Spiritual Basic Bitch BS?


Well, we got you...

The Ascension Nxt team has got you!


We have a monthly membership portal for you.

Over 7 trainings a month, in a private container with all of us!


Are you in?"


Yours truly,

Owner & Founder of Ascension Nxt 

Ashley V. 

First 20 Spots only $33 a month!

Ascension NXT
Monthly Membership Includes

Weekly Trainings with Our Team

Discounts on Classes (online/in-person)

Product Discounts

 Membership only Spirit Circles

Hear about exclusive events first!

Access to all content in Private Facebook Group and in Thinkific!

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