Egg Clearing Healing

Egg Clearing Healing has been used for many generations in certain cultures. Each practitioner has a different way of prepping the egg, doing the healing/clearing and reading the egg.

An egg is a symbol of life. Eggs are energetically polarized and will draw out and absorb negativity, attachments, and physical toxins. 

During an egg clearing, a raw egg is cleansed in preparation. Deanna calls in the client's ancestors for protection and guidance whilst clearing. Once the egg is cleansed, it is rubbed from the top of the head to the soles of the feet.

After, the egg is cracked into a clear viewing glass and be ready to be interpreted. 

Healings take about 30 minutes from start to finish and are currently priced at $75.00 for the first ten clients. After the first ten healings, prices will increase.


Tuning Fork Sound Healing Add-On

Add on a tuning fork sound healing to your egg clearing!

444 Hz 

This frequency allows alignment with one's higher-self and promotes feelings of peace. 444 Hz aids in repairing DNA, enhancing immunity, connecting with angels, and detoxing the body.

528 Hz

Frequency promotes miracles, clarity, and peace as well as transformations. 528 Hz helps to repair DNA. It is credited with helping to remove illness and alleviating anxiety.

Add-ons are priced at $25.

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