Drop the belief you are “too small” to have an affect on shifting the world and this reality. 


This belief literally sucker punched me a few weeks ago! 


I had to fully drop into my heart and surrender to understand how fucken amazing I am. 


It’s crazy when everything becomes overwhelming you feel there’s no way things can change! 


I cried for 2 hours straight to release the beliefs that it almost seems “impossible” when we look at the state of this reality! 


I felt SMALL




Until I stopped and showed gratitude to myself and how much I’ve accomplished.


Then it all Shifted! It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders and I remembered who the fuck I am and what I’m here to do!


It happens to the best!


I’ve decided to re-release a few of my older programs for a sweet deal! This deal lasts until Sunday the 31st! 


One of my favorite activations I’ve ever done was The Power Center Activations in December 2019! 


Powerful Discussions 

Release Activation

Remember Activation

Power Activation 


The Power Activation alone will rock your world. I go back to this time to time to help myself feel that 


Also I’m adding in my the Self Mastery Meditation!


Are you ready to release the Slavery Consciousness program?

Are you ready to integrate the Master teacher?


This is an hour Activation/Meditation in its own! 


The price from now until May 31st is $77!


The price for both of these programs is $199 total.


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