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November 12th 7pm

I should have named this course don't be a spiritual basic bitch, but I didn't...

Continue reading to see why....

So I had to do this course, I’m just feeling it pretty hardcore right now!

Usually I do courses when it aligns with the energy and this next workshop definitely aligns with the energies as of late.

I love working in the shadow and I am so passionate about teaching people how to use their intuitive abilities to empower themselves. In order to overcome the darkness you need to understand how it works. In this course I will go over Energetic Protection, Creating Strong Boundaries, and Discernment. These are all very different energies and I feel people confuse them all the time because they have not studied them enough to figure out the true meanings.

First we will talk about energetic Protection and some simple tasks that you can do to protect yourself and your home. We will discuss:

- Protection stones
-Candle Magick for Protection & Herbs
-Gridding the home for protection
-How to work with the 4 Archangels for Protection Purposes

Most Energetic Protection is very basic and everyone should know it and understand how to do these simple tasks to protect themselves.

Then we will dive into discussion on how to create boundaries in your life. Every person on the planet should know about boundaries too! Just think of how peaceful the world would be if people understood boundaries and respected them?! We will discuss:

-When you need to create boundaries and how energetic boundaries actually work
-Why boundaries can be tough,
-Energy Vampires (Haten ass hoes)
-Strength in your energy field creates stronger boundaries

The last topic we will talk about is discernment, my favorite topic of all time (besides aliens). Discernment is the Master of the Protection energies. It does not see good or evil, it just sees and feels what does not align with the frequency or vibration. This is Ascension work right here. If you think carrying around a black tourmaline is going to block all the “low vibes” coming towards you then I hate to tell you but you are totally a “spiritual basic bitch”. Please don’t be a spiritual basic bitch. The world does not need any of those. If you want to Ascend and really learn Spiritual Mastery you need to learn about Discernment. It is pivotal in your growth and evolution process on this planet.

All of this is important, join this program to learn more!

Payment $77.77 or for you and a friend $99.99! Do it now! This is like a $200 program but I’m keeping it priced low because people need it right now.