Welcome Ascension Warriors!!


Who are the seekers? Who are the Warriors?

Seekers of Knowledge, Expansion, and Wisdom, through experience. 

These beings will feel the call when it’s time to create change..Most of the time they will not know what direction to go, but they will go!

People will tell The Seekers they are Crazy, and that they need to know all the answers before they embark on their Journey. What those people don’t understand is the answer is within. Only a True Seeker can understand.

The true Seekers know nothing and want to explore everything. Can your relate?? Then keep reading! 

Once on the journey into the unseen and the unknown, the Seeker begins to discover the lost parts within themselves. They learn through discernment,  tricksters, and the illusions through the experience. 


They gain strength and never look back. Through all the turmoil, judgement, and hardships they still have Faith. They still believe in the feeling of expansion, growth, and evolution that they yet to understand.

They begin to shed the mundane and start to feel the passion and the spark of divine light. They become resilient and can hear the messages, and begin to see the physical changes within their reality. 

They start their Ascension Process and merge into their higher being.

They have purpose, will, and a strong desire to help make a change. When they realize this the Warrior begins to emerge..


They become ...

The Ascension Warriors 
















The Ascension Warriors Monthly Program

This is Ashley V's monthly program created for people who seek to learn more within and desire a deeper connection to the divine. If you are looking for Spiritual Guidance and need a community of like minded souls to connect to, then you found the right space. This group is intended to help create strong leaders, teachers, healers, psychics and intuitive's that take their spiritual practice seriously and really want to make a difference on this earth. 

How do you know if you are an Ascension Warrior?

  • You have a strong innate feeling that you’re here on Earth to do more than a 9-5 

  • You want more out of life than just the norm and "expected"

  • You’re sick of seeing what’s happening on the planet, but you have a strong sense that things can change 

  • You understand that it takes community and working together 

  • You love Ascension work (you feel its your duty to make the world a better place) 

  • You are willing to put in the work, you want to know more and better yourself day by day

Most importantly!!

You see above and beyond for the future of the planet, you know you are here to CHANGE the world!



When you decide to purchase the monthly membership, this is what the container will provide….

Every Month…
• Daily or weekly readings only for this group
• Random card pulls for people in the group
• 2 Livestreams every month

When Ashley feels called…
• Light language Activations
• Journaling Prompts
• Group Coaching
• Psychic Development Activities
• Reiki, IET, or any other form of Healing when its needed
• Meditations
• Discounts on classes & products (Special offers specifically for this group)

This monthly group is the beginning of Ashley's mentorship, and having around the clock access and content with her. She is so excited to create a community space where like minded people can co-create and learn together!

*Purchase tickets and you will be emailed the link to the group.**