The Flow 2 Force 


Galactic Living….Are you ready for the shift??

Money, Manifestation, Creation 





We have transitioned into different times, a new paradigm. The universe hears our calls, so we need to be aligned with what we are calling in. If you are calling in a shit life the universe hears that, if you are calling in a soul aligned abundant prosperous life the universe hears that to! Picture the universe putting its hand to its ear (like Hulk Hogan) every time you talk some bullshit about what you can’t do! It hears you!


Are you happy with your Money situation? 


By that I mean are you 100% happy with what you do every day? 


Are you feeling amazing with how you receive wealth or do you want more? 


Do you want it all? I DO!!


Feeling fulfillment while attaining your wealth is living life with full cups my friend! This is living life to the FUCKEN fullest and this is the #galacticasfuckliving (my new hashtag I’m creating lol). 


For the last few months I’ve been over analyzing the word Galactic and what it means to me. Then it dropped in one day….”Galactic Living” is the  “2.0 UPGRADES in EVERYTHING!! 



Money, purpose, creation, power, the earth, the universe, and our relationships! It’s living a more abundant life overall! The Galactic energies are coming in strong, and they are blinding the dark energies on the planet and ripping the veil back to reveal many truths that have been hidden. 


One of the biggest lies ever told is that we are powerless and life just isn’t fair. That’s complete bullshit! Life can be great when you take the steps to up-level. Is it always easy? NO But the right steps CAN BE worth all the hard work!!


HUMANITY is NOT aligned with living a LIFE full of BULLSHIT anymore. So I’m going to tell you to stop denying your power and step the fuck up and own it! 


How many of you reading this are ignoring your divine call??


A LOT OF YOU ARE and its ANNOYING!! YOU ARE ANNOYING because if you hold back, the rest of the planet holds back as well. WE ARE THE COLLECTIVE and we all need to step up and honor our GALACTIC SELF, that’s the 2.0 version of you, your higher-self, your best self, living in the external reality, you being you with pride and confidence is what the world needs now! 


What’s the Flow 2 Force??


Portal #1: The New Wave to Wealth (All this content is in the container


  • Wealth Clearing (Honoring the Purge) Purge the OLD to Receive the Gold 

  • Clearing Activation with Archangel/Arcturian/ Dragon energy

  • Money Language and Meditation/Activation (Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Riches)

  • Bank Account Clear 

  • Protection Temple for Finances 

  • Galactic Currency Workshop with Workbook 

  • Galactic Currency meditation activation



Portal #2…New Earth Creatrix (Manifestation) 


I will teach you all the secrets of manifestation and creation. How did I get to where I am? How did I build the confidence? How did I tell FEAR and SELF DOUBT to go fuck itself every damn day??


Annnd becoming more aware of what you should be asking the universe for!! 


So many people slack hardcore in this area, step up or ship OUT. (The Law Of Attraction is Spiritual Basic Bitch shit if you don’t access the energy properly!) 


  • 4/1 (7:00 PM Live) Key points to manifesting 

  • 4/4 (Noon Live) Group Clearing (IET, ARCTURIAN Healing)

  • 4/7 (7:00 PM Live) Vision Board Meditation 

  • 4/15 (7:00 pm) Energy Merging Exercise (You will pick an energy that you admire and take the positive/powerful attributes and work with them yourself) 

  • 4/21 (7:00 pm) Clarity Call (Group coaching)

  • 4/25 (Noon) Confidence Clear (Group Call) 

  • 4/28 (7:00 pm ) Galactic Self Activation (final activation portal 2)


  • WHO are you and WHAT do YOU desire?? AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS 🔥✨🔥✨


*One of the key transmission will be to tap into the Galactic Self…It will be hard to manifest in this new paradigm without Galactic Awareness….The Galactic SELF integration connects you to your Star Family and Soul Roots. It’s a deep integration of Remembrance and a high level soul initiation.





Portal #3 ….THE FORCE 


It seems as though too many of you get stuck in Portal 2 and your delusions of grandeur. Just thinking you’re just going to manifest everything you want by DOING NOTHING. The Force is taking the ACTION, WALKING the WALK, TALKING the TALK. 



This will be the charge of energy, the force, the fire, the explosion to get you to go and move. Basically my epic, rants, raving, and motivational talk to get you off your fucken lazy, boring ass to do the thing you came here to DO!🔥🔥🔥


You won’t even hear your excuses anymore! You won’t care about the naysayers, you will move to the next step and create now!


The Force Activations…


*YOU as the Creation

*YOU as the JOY


*STEPPING into Purpose 

*Psychic Development Exercise 




There will be over 15 videos, with informational content, activations and powerful transmissions from THE FLOW 2 FORCE!


It’s in you, wtf are you waiting for??