Galactic Coaching 

Deep Intuitive Coaching with Ashley V…


“Are you ready to dive deeper into your connection with your higher self??


Are you sick of waiting for something to change?? 


Maybe it’s you that needs to change??


Maybe you need some better guidance and direction in your life??


Maybe you need to stop being a bucket of BS excuses!??!!


Hire me as your coach, put in the work, stop complaining, and you will see results!!

I’m not one to listen to excuses, and I’m not one to hold space for a client by “feeling bad” for them, I will only hold space to help them help themselves. Feeling bad for people just lowers your vibes, and I’m here to hold an energetic container for you so you can FN rise to your highest frequencies. This means living the life you WANT to live NOT what you think you SHOULD be doing because of other people’s opinions. 


What about your opinion?


What about your wants?


What about your needs and desires? 


Do you listen to your souls calling??


Can you hear your soul or are you listening too much too others?


Shoulds are NOT divine; Desire, Passion, and Purpose is!!


 The difference between me and some other coaches is I want to see my clients succeed, I’m not here just to collect your payments. I really believe in the Ascension process and that all humans on this planet have a divine purpose and mission. Once they tap into in this they become a part of the Unity consciousness and the Divine Plan, which brings abundance, fulfillment, and soul satisfaction. This is bigger than you, it’s bigger than me, we are here to create massive shifts and changes on the planet. We are no longer made to just survive and play the FN “lets just get by game.” The paradigm is shifting and I see so much potential in humanity. I really feel we are worth more, and should be living fulfilling, exciting, and prosperous life’s. If you’re feeling this then keep reading!”




During these sessions we will open up a gateway to cosmic energies to help you expand your energy frequencies to a higher level. We will work on the following:


-Life Path Alignment 

-Clear Negative Mental Patterns 

-Advancement in Healing or Teaching Practices 

-Becoming Clear with your Purpose 

-DNA Upgrades 

-Unlock Hidden Talents on a Soul Level 

-Releasing Resistance

-Release Old Blueprints (BS Mindset that keeps you cycling into the same patterns) 

-Energetic Upgrades 



During these sessions Ashley will open up higher frequencies and create a sacred space for you to be able to tap in and align with the messages from your higher self. The purpose of the coaching is to create clarity in your energy field and allow you to weed away the negative thoughts and energetic imprints that keep you cycling into the same annoying experiences. All this crap needs to go! It’s time to level up and create new experiences that feed your soul and are in alignment with your purpose!


Here’s some of the work that will be done in the container:


-Automatic connection to Galactic Frequencies (Especially Arcturians)

-Deep dive into the soul (Questions that will help you open up to your truth)

-Meditation Techniques 

-Journaling Prompts homework to help with manifesting & creation work

-Healing & Clearing if needed 

-Motivational conversations 

-And of course intuitive guidance either through Akashic record readings or Card Pulls 


The best aspect of this coaching is the energy temples that Ashley builds with the Arcturian frequencies. These are created during the session and can be created around ANYTHING that you need to focus on. These temples last for 2 weeks and you can go in anytime through meditation or connect naturally just by calling in the energy and guidance when needed. Here’s some of the Temples that were built in clients sessions:


-Fear Temple (Face your fears head on)

-Confidence Temple (Helps boost confidence & help you see what you are capable of)

-Creation Temple (Brings the ideas) 

-Organization Temple (Organize Ideas & Energetic Downloads)


These are just a few Temples built to help clients, in this process we can build whatever Temple that is needed for your development and expansion. These coaching calls are catered to your needs, and what’s needed for you to move forward in the current moment. 


Stop waiting, stop wishing, stop wondering and do the best thing you can do for yourself. Commit to yourself, commit to your souls development!

**No Refunds on services, 24hr cancellation notice is needed for credit**

Healing with Ashley V


So here is it is! One on one healings with Ashley V have returned and they are limited to 5 a month! After 5 healings have been booked then you will have to wait until next month to book a one on one with Ashley as far as getting a healing. Ashley has been facilitating energy work for over 10 years and is highly experienced in Reiki and IET. In 2016 Ashley received an attunement to Arcturian Healing and a lot in her healing practice started to change. (Please scroll to find out more about each modality) 


Ashley decided in the beginning of 2019 to stop doing one on one healings because they were taking up a lot of energy and not allowing time for teaching, which is Ashley’s passion. During her journey in revamping her services she realized she needs to come back to healing, but it must be limited each month due to the energies she works with and how extreme the healings can be. She realized being a healer is a part of her mission and comes so naturally, so she is offering limited spaces to those that really feel called. 


Ashley will be working with all 3 of the modalities to work on the client, but the main frequency will be Arcturian Healing which is the highest frequency out of all of these modalities. 




Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is administered by placing hands on or over certain areas of the body where energy needs to be released and transmuted. It also cleans out all of the major chakras and balances out the energy field.  

            Health is not just a physical phenomenon; one must take care of their emotional and spiritual attributes as well as our physical well-being. Reiki works by gently releasing energy blockages to activate positive cellar changes in the physical body and energy expansion in the higher self. Reiki is great for everything and everyone. Reiki is only used to create a positive flow of energy to where it is projected. 


Benefits of Receiving a Treatment:

  • Creates deep relaxation

  • Relieves stress, negative energy, thoughts & emotions

  • Helps clear the mind and ease emotions

  • Helps with sleeping better & more comfortably

  • Relieves pain from injuries & illness

  • Helps relieve pain from surgeries & chemotherapy

  • Assists in cleaning the body from toxins

  • Helps with unwanted addictions

  • Enhances creativity & intuition

  • Connects client with higher self

  • Conducts and enhances spiritual awakening

  • Promotes self-development and much much more!!





IET is a more intense version of Reiki which connects specifically to the Archangels and the Violet Ray. 

·      Painlesslyidentifiesandreleasesyourdeeplysuppressedfeelingsandyourcorecellularmemories.

  • Clearsenergyblocksthatlimityourhealth,lifepurpose,prosperityandcreativity.

  • Empowersyoutoexperiencefulfillinglovingrelationshipsinallareasofyourlife.

  • HelpsyoutodiscoverandliveyourSoul’smissioninlife.

  • Providesgentleyetpowerfulsupportforsurvivorsofchildhoodtraumassuchasphysicalandsexualabuse,alcoholicanddysfunctionalfamilies.

  • Supportsyourself-healingatalllevels,physical,emotional,mentalandspiritual.

  • Increasesyourconnectiontoyourangelsandhelpsyouworkwiththeminyourlife.


Arcturian Healing 


Arcturian Healing Method is a multi-dimensional healing modality that was created by Dr. Gene Ang. The healing is inspired by higher galactic beings from the Arcturus Star System who are here to help guide humanity through our evolution and Ascension process. (They were mentioned by Edgar Cayce in his prophesies.) This healing is a high intensity energy vortex that opens the receiver to high vibrational waves of energy that heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and karmically. This form of healing has more of a Galactic feel to it, as opposed to Reiki which is more earth based and IET which is more angelic based. The frequencies of this healing are like strong vibrational waves that move through the receiver’s subtle body. Here are few examples of what Arcturian healing can help with:


  • Life path alignment 

  • Energize will center

  • Release old blueprints/Karmic Healing 

  • Arcturian Brain Balancing 

  • Energetically upgrade nervous system

  • Cellular Restructuring 

  • Unlock hidden talents on a soul level

  • Download information from higher vibrational energies

  • Connect with Galactic Guides 



 If you feel you are interested you can book below or email to book for the next month. Here’s some things to keep in mind when coming in for energy work...


  • Healing takes time, and discipline, one healing will not heal you forever, but it will help you become more clear, bring in awareness, and lift your vibes so you can move forward on your path

  • There’s no such thing as a quick fix, spiritual work takes time and effort, Healers, Psychics, and any other facilitator in this form are not saviors and it up to you to keep up with the internal work. Point being the power is within you, we are just guides to help you on your journey. 

  • Come open and ready to receive, you will get the best out of this healing



**NO REFUNDS on deposits and all cancelations must be 24 hrs. in advance.We are very strict on this policy so make sure you can make this date and time.*

*All past life regressions start with a $25 consultation.*

Please email

$25/30min Consultation

Once we come to the conclusion that past lives exist, it creates more room for effective healing. Past life regressions are a deep hypnosis that help heal karmic debt by becoming aware of repeating patterns, and or behaviors that we go through in our lives, until we are ready to recognize and let go. It is one of the most effective forms of healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. The client must be very open on an energetic level in order to go through the process of a regression, but once they are open and understand the value of the process, it will work effectively in healing and creating new paths in their everyday lives.

Regression will be scheduled following consultation.

Price of Regression is $222 (Usually lasts 2 hrs)